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Here are some stories I’ve written, feel free to comment on them or just email me if you have something to say, or leave a reply. Mostly these are stories written to make you think or convey a Biblical truth.

Disclaimer!! These were written a long time ago, and probably need editing/rewriting. My writing has improved a lot over the years so don’t take this then anything more then a few very old stories.

This story I wrote long ago when I first felt the pull of being a bondservant. I couldn’t relate what it meant to me in a way others could understand so I wrote it out in story. Call it a modern day parable.

A story about forgiveness even in the toughest of circumstances.

A story about Accepting God and following Him even when it costs you everything.

This is a story about Saul turned Paul, fictionaly yet pulled from the Bible as if things he might have said if it were him relating the story.

Another Fictionaly story based on Biblical events, the man healed by Jesus at the Pool of Bethesda, where it was said the first on in the pool at the begining of the day was healed, and a man who’d try to be the first for years.

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