Long Days

Seems like everyone’s wanting something from me now days.  I got my short term disability restored, instantly it was over the moment I got my check.  Now we’ve been another month and a half without pay again as we wait for approval for long term disability. Creditors are calling we have enough money for rent and MAYBE food for next week. 

My health is precarious at best.  Walking is tough, I don’t sleep often and when I do I wake up in such pain that its not worth it.  The episodes are getting worse and I often find myself confused and not sure where I am.  It comes to my attention certain things about how my life will play out past this.  I can only hope that my SSDI and long term disability comes through and I can have some sense of a normal life for at least some time.  I would really like to get on living and dealing with this disease and not just having to fight for food and rent from week to week.

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