Still hanging in…

So I’m still hanging in there.  Will keep the blog updated as long as I can.  New news is that My doctors have found there is definitely a problem but they have no idea what.  Last doctor’s visit on Thursday of last week they had 3 doctors in the room examining me, and as I was leaving an additional 4 doctors discussing my problems.  They admitted they are stumped.  More so at the rate my health is degrading, they were noticeably shocked how much worse I got in the last few months.

I’m still without Income.  Received my tax returns to get me that much further but that is already completely spent and I’m at a loss how to make next rent payment, let alone the other bills I cannot pay (I’ve got a stack of medical bills and others sitting on my desk unpaid). 

There isn’t much more to life for that then me right now.  Keep your chins up and your knees bowed to God in prayer my friends.  And always remember, even in the worst of times, life is still good.

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