The Tattoo

So today I got the tattoo I’ve been praying about for 10 years. On and off. I finally got to a place where I felt that I cannot go further in my walk with God without obeying. Its something I felt God calling me to do, as a committment to him. Its out of a heart and a life dedicated to God as a bondservant. More over its just who I am. The tatoo? its my site logo…encircled crown of thorns around my arm, with a nail and blood. every inch of it is symbolic and means something.

So No regrets. I feel only freedom after spending a decade tossing this around almost daily I kid you not. I didn’t get it for so long mainly for one reason. I tried to fit in. Fit in with what my family told me to be, what the “church” thought I should be. I failed miserably every step. Everytime I conformed one area something else would be lacking. Never was it enough and in the end I was always told off for not being me. in the end I realized one thing. Its not about them its about God. And by coforming for them, I wasn’t being true to who God made me. To who I trully am. So I got the tattoo. My wife supports it completely. Now I feel freedom, not from the ink but from the obediance. I feel a freedom to be me and to obey God despite what my family and the world thinks. And I feel Thinks in my heart returning where they should have always been.

God is Good.

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  1. jt says:

    what is it of? can u show example of it

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