Diagnosis – Mitochondrial Myopathy

So after more then just a few doctor visits, a battery of various tests, the doctors came up with a diagnosis of Mitochondrial Myopathy.   I’m not entirely sure what it means yet and I will undergo a muscle biopsy to confirm the diagnosis on December 4th.  Apparently its progressive, and I can see that in my father who has this as well.  He is to the point it has become difficult to walk.

I’m nervous, a bit scared, and unsure what the future holds.  It would help if I know more about what this will mean for me but the doctor didn’t want to talk about that till after the results from the muscle biopsy.

My parents will be moving out of Michigan, where I live as well, and be moving to a warmer climate for health reasons (my mother has a number of health problems as well).  This is great, I’m very happy for them I know they’ve desired a change for some time and this will increase their quality of life.  Yet I find myself having to concentrate on the things that God has taught me over the last year.  I find it very hard, it feels like I’m all alone.

My friends haven’t been around much, and the prospect of loosing my family a bit daunting.  I can’t get to church as it is too painful and I wouldn’t be able to sit through a whole service anyway.  And my family has been my support to a large degree.  But I’m optimistic this is a great time trust God and rely on Him.  I can see this will grow my relationship with God a great deal.  That brings me a degree of Joy.   I’m anxious to know what this disease is going to mean for me and how it will affect me long term and how it may progress.

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