Its funny about life and choices. I think back 10 years and look at the choices I made then. Wondering where they’d take me and where I thought I’d be in 10 years. Working in front of a computer was the last thing I wanted or saw myself doing. But going hand in hand with that is the willingness to do what you have to do to get the job done.

So I’ve come to the realization that hard work, choices and callings are all dependent on eachother, at least when it comes to walking with God. God called me to the ministry, I chose to accept the calling but in many ways I didn’t work toward it. The older I get the more I relize that dreams are things that require commitment, hard work, and dedication to achieve. Words easily agreed with but somewhat harder to comprehend. James 2 talks about faith and works. It goes on to elaborate that faith is not complete without action. So If I have faith that God calls me to ministry, but take no action in that, I trully don’t have faith in it, at least not a complete faith. And like a incomplete care, incomplete faith won’t take you far.

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