Life’s Turns

So I’ve had on going health problems for awhile now.  I’m not working.  I may end up taking this blog down to save money for growing medical bills as I’m not updating it often anymore, not that many people read it.  They are not sure what I have but I’ve been unable to work for months now and won’t be able to for for seeable future.

They are not sure of what I have but my father has it too.  He’s being tested for Huntington’s disease and the doctor’s say if he has it I do too given our symptoms are the same.  However The jury is still out.  It has been a difficult time for me.  Thanks for reading my blog and what stories I have put up, though they are few.  It is appreciated. Signing off for awhile, perhaps I’ll be back, perhaps not.  But wanted to post why this hasn’t been updated.

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2 Responses to Life’s Turns

  1. Carole says:


    You sound down in the dumps. I can feel your pain from over here. I see you have been resorting to this blog as a means of dealing with your stuff and maybe a way to feel connected even. It saddens me to think you felt it necessary to give up the blog to save money for your bills when it is clearly noticeable you need this outlet.

  2. Bondservant says:

    Not down in the dumps persay, I’ve learned a lot through this. Just frustrated at turn of events. Working through disability be it SSDI or Short/longterm disability insurance through my work is quite a mess.

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