The fruit of Prosperity Teaching in Church…

Believer bitter over ‘prosperity’ preachings –

  • In-debt believer gave money to prosperity preachers
  • Now bitter that promised blessings never arrived
  • Supporters say message is biblically sound
  • Critics say evangelists prey on vulnerable to enrich selves

So I was reading CNN when I came across this news article.  And it really struck me because I feel like this alot with churches.  It seems to me that more and more churches are ending up becoming Health and Wealth prechers. In part because I think it ups givings, in other part I think they really want to believe it.  But I just don’t see the biblical foundation of you tithe and ask God to get.  I’ve been to churches that even go into a claiming ritual every time they take up the offering.  They end up claiming jobs, bonuses, finding money.  Its like God’s a lotto ticket.

More over is the problems it causes to peoples walks when it doesn’t happen.  It can be devistating to some.  and that’s sad in the least.  I rarely see this “work” for people outside of a head pastor who’s preaching it.  And much of his wealth is built on teaching it via books, taps other options related to.  Its just sad thing I think worth mentioning.

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