State of the Church…

So I was reading an article on Yahoo News, “Are Mega-Preachers Scandal Prone?”  It makes you think And in some ways I think this article really is a great way of bringing up issues the Churches need to address. From Well know preachers declaring there is no hell, to Preacher couples divorcing and blaming it on “the two different directions their lives were going”. The article touches on many of these I would suggest it for some thought provoking soul searching. 

Its a well known, thought of theory within the Christian realm that you can tell your life’s direction by the fruit it brings forth.  The fruit of these ministries more and more make me question the foundation in which they were built.  I see more and more casualties come from the members of the Mega church near me.  I have talked to so many of them and it seems at times that it would not be hard to find lives that were touched in poor ways by the church, members of the church, or pastors there of.  I’ve had run ins myself.  More and more I desire a group of believers seeking the greater things of God in things as striving to love as He does.  Not the things of God’s “power”.  Its misunderstanding for people to think that healings, signs, and wonders are the greater gift of God.  They are not.  They are nothing in comparison to His mercy and Love.  God Is Love.  How could something so temporary as a healing, be greater then something so everlasting and eternal as the Love of God.  If we were as a people to humble ourselves before the Lord.  To seek His face and Mercy, and strive ourselves to Love as he does and walk as Christ walked, full of Love, We would make a great impact for God in this world.

Alas people are more concerned with Fame, money, and health it seems rather then the true pursuit of the Love of God.

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