The life and times of a mad man

So many times I’ve gone through church to church, group to group, friend to friend and not been able to relate to them in common terms or on a level they understand. In some small way this site, everything in it and on it is my meager attempt to make sense of my world and my faith. Its viewers, if any are small and minute if any.

In a larger attempt its an effort to build an online community to bring people like me together in an open and free forum for people to relate to one another. To a much smaller extent the site exists in an attempt to build a bridge between people of the “traditional” church mindset and the people like myself that think drastically different from Joe Common church goer.

That being said lets get to the juciy stuff! Who am I and why do I think I have a voice in it all? That’s easy for me to answer. I am a geek, a biker, a bondservant, a husband. I am a man who thinks for himself and his faith is completely and solidly built on hours of prayer and personal study rather then hours of pew sitting and sermon listening. Not meaning to be offensive but I am who I am and for that I am not appologetic.

Now to answer the question of why I consider myself, seek to be a bondservant, that is a much tougher question. Basically its something God put on my heart and not something I sought. My definition of bondservant would be this: To fully give up ones own will, dreams and desires to embrace that of another’s, one who is completely and unwaveringly loyal to his master. In this case God. It can be argued that each one is a bondservant. I won’t disagree with that to a point. But very few people actually walk this walk.

A bondservant was more then a servant in Bible times, it was a close trusted friend. Abraham’s servant was a trusted servant. Genesis 24 tells how Abraham sent a servant to find his son a wife. Now this is the same servant that would have inherited everything Abraham had if he did not have an heir. He could have been bitter, hurt, and done a job that was less then perfect. But he didn’t, he put his full trust in God and went about completely concerned with his master’s business. That was a bondservant, and that same attitude is what I strive for.

This blog will be a semi journal of sorts about me. About my thoughts. It is completely my window on the world and the worlds window on me. For whatever it is worth.

God Bless


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