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It has been a while since I’ve posted so thought I would.  More and more I tend to ask myself what is happening to the church the more I see people sucked up into some very things that give me so much pause.  Lets talk about a few.  One being what “Christians” in the United states deem to be love.  It seems more and more if your not healthy and wealthy that your a sinner.  Or if you are going through a tough time and just need to talk, it seems like they all have to be there giving you meaningless phrases to uplift you.  “It only makes you stronger right?”.  It tends to bother me.  I realized the other night that it is a selfish Christianity that I dislike and have disliked so much over past few years.  the “love” that says “I care about you only as far as it will benefit me”.  Now that’s a little troublesome to me.  Because I don’t read God’s word that way.  I read it that we should love at all costs.

There was a time when I was so concerned at seeing the power of God in my life. “God show me miracles signs and wonders” I’d pray.  I thought that was the best of the best.  It took an unfortunate string of events with a church to get me to see that by far, the greatest attribute of God is His love.  I’d think He would agree with me on this.  His love is what overcomes His judgment. To love as God loves is a high calling.  One that is not fulfilled by hurling statements at the hurt and wounded, statements like Keep your chin up, get better.  It is one that calls us to get involved in a way that we don’t want to, to step outside yourself and what you want to think of someone else for a change.  The thought what do I get out of this really shouldn’t enter the equation, if it has, you’ve failed. 

That’s my soap box for now.  About the site, I’m little bit of a debate to keep it up, or change the format maybe go more to a site of posting my stories.  who knows just keep eyes out for updates.

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