Praise through Pain

So I’ve struggled with migraines for most of my life. Lately, last 5 years, they’ve been getting worse and worse.  Now I struggle with crippling migraines daily.  Its been very painful and trying experience, working through them.  Over the last few months they took on new symptoms, including extreme disorientation, forgetting things, almost going in a trance like state where I cannot think or remember even my wife’s name.  Extreme problems with balance and dizziness causing walking to be difficult.  Through all this I’ve begun to realize  that praising God and being thankful is very important for these times.

Now is one of those times for me.  Today has been very painful day.  Crippling headache that I’d rate a 5 on scale of 1 to 5.  After a bit of prayer it dissipated. At this moment I can do nothing but praise God for this and even the times of pain.  I’ve learned so much through this.  I can’t help thinking about the apostle Paul’s thorn in the flesh and wonder if it was like this for him.  I’ve got a lot of work to do to get my walk with God where it should be, but I know this last few years will produce much for my walk with God.  I’m so filled with Joy in Christ like I’ve not felt in some time.  To me it is amazing that it is do to such great pain.  Suffering and pain can produce a fruit in you, a fruit of the spirit that is worth more then anything physical.  Right now I thank God for this time and experience.  Also all this has been a great reason I’ve not posted in some time.

Thanks to all who have me in their prayers, wither they stop by here or not.

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