Work at home coming to an end

For the last 6 months I’ve been working for my company out of my home via vpn.  Its been quite nice.  I’ve enjoyed it a lot.  I’m a little sad to say its coming to an end.  Once Again I must join the ranks of morning commuters and trudge through traffic to get to work in all weather conditions.  The money I’ve saved in gas alone has been amazing.  Its been a good ride.  I’ve got just under a week left of the @home work and I’m going to enjoy every second.

Soon the office politics will come into play, the corporate dress codes, cube farms and spreading sicknesses passed between workers in tight fitting cubes.  There’s good and bad in that.  But it will be nice to say light of day again, to have reasons to leave the house, haha, and to see coworkers I’ve not seen in some time. 

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