Closer still

Alot of thoughts this week about everything.  Getting the house of God in shape in my life.  cleaning the clutter, casting off the hinderences and getting to a point where I know where God wants me to be. Now The more I see things and friends hurts and just the pains of this life the more I want to get closer to God.  Its when dark times come in that are greatest and sometimes worst desires are to crawl somewhere and hide.  We get so beaten down by life.  The boss breaths down your neck, the bills line up, everything goes wrong.  But its at those time that we need to stand up with the armor of God (Ephesians 6: 10-20).  We need to stand firm even though  we’ve done all we can do to stand.  Be obstantant. 

One of the values God keeps reminding me of is that a bondservant dedicates himself to just that.  And when they fall, they get up, dust themselves off and move on.  Its not how perfect you are the determines your ability to be used by God, its how willing you are to get up and repent when you fall.  Its having a teachable attitude to the point that God can correct you and it won’t cause your world’s foundations to shake.   No time to wallow in sin, or months of sorrow because of the sin.  Stand up, repent and trust God at His word that he’s forgiven you.  And by all means keep walking keep listening to the Spirit of God teaching you in all things and all times.  Dust off God’s word, hit your knees and pray and push those things that hold you back to him in prayer.  Don’t give up on getting back to Him.  The alternative is not a place anyone should have to stay. 

There are more important things in life then bills, what to eat, and where to sleep.  Worry about following God and let Him worry about the little things like that.

Just some thoughts.  My prayers are with you all.

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