So I was watching a movie the other day, Saved.  I was thinking how a lot of the pictures of Christians in that movie hit right on to my experiences. Now before you stop reading hear me out.  Many times in many churches a new person walks in and within minutes they are evaluated to see if they fit in.  To me many churches now days are like little high school or social clubs.  You have to fit in to get anywhere.  I’m far from conventional, I won’t apoligize for that to anyone cause that’s the way God made me.  He loves me but none the less many times I walk in a church and people split the path before me in avoidance.  I sit in an empty pew and during the greeting time I’ll be lucky to see one hand thrust out in greeting.

Which leads me to another point.  Why would a church who’s founder, Jesus, based His entire walk on earth on love and acceptance have to even make a decision about who they show love to.  We’ve become so far removed from what God’s ways are that many times we get caught up on pushing the christian agenda in politics.  But Christ wouldn’t even say a word about taxes, one of the big political issues of the day. 

I think we loose sight sometimes of what our purpose really is.  What we are really meant to show people.  Love.  Simple as that, they will know you by your love.  Can they recognizeGod’s love in you by what you do?

Just some thoughts.

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