Working from home

The logistics of setting up working from home

So I’ve been working from home for the last 2 weeks out of a home office. Its been very nice. Getting the office setup was a bit of a pain. My wife Lissa and I have used the room we are now using as an office as stoarge for the last few years. Boxes and boxes of junk have been added and too my surprise it was indeed mostly junk. We finally sat down and went through every box, it turns out that we are a bit of pack rats. We managed to get rid of so much that we have more then enough room now for it all.

On the working from home part, I must say it is one of the stragest experiences ever. Getting up grabing coffee and walking a few steps to your desk is one of the best things in the world. On top of it my shift is perfect for me. I now have plenty of time in the morning to get up and spend some time with God, even get some stuff done after. Working long hours or overtime is really less painful as well. It deffinately cuts down on the stress and costs of living too. I rarely drive anymore and I live close to many stores so walking is increasingly the prefered mode of travel.

Lessons from God’s word -The true good news

So I was doing a bible study the other day. I was reading in Mark about one of the many times Jesus healed the sick. And I realized he often told people “go and tell no one.” Of course they always went and did otherwise it would seem but I began to ask myself why he would do that? Why would he tell someone not to spread the good news of their healing? I believe in a large part it was because the good news wasn’t the healing, but was the message of love and forgiveness.
In Mark 8:12 Jesus asks why that generation was seeking a sign. I think its a human tendency to get caught up in things like healings and miracles but in a large part that isn’t God’s message. God’s message is that of a father seeking reconcilation with a son or daughter. Its that of the sheppard leaving the 99 sheep to find the 1 lost sheep. Its a message of love and forgiveness and spiritual healing and cleansing that can only come through a God of Love. I think that many times we also in seeking God’s will tend to ask ourselves “God show me a sign this is the right step.” We ask God to show us beyond a doubt what walk he wants us to be on. We do it for large decisions even the smaller ones at times. But in the end that leaves no room for faith. It leaves no room for us to step out and say “God I’m trusting in you for this.” Without walking out on the foundation of faith we have no room to grow. Many of the Psalms speak of trusting in God and not being ashamed. Psalms 25 is a good one for this and it makes a great prayer to God. I’d suggest meditating on it and seeking God at His word through prayer with it.

Just some thoughts.


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