I’ve got a long history of strange dreams.  I don’t sleep a whole lot, 4 hours a night if I’m luky but if I dream its normally pretty rare.  I tend to think God still speaks in dreams and I’ve had a lot of dreams I trully believe God has spoken to me with. Over the last week I’ve had a strange series of dreams that I wonder if God’s trying to convey a message to me.

First dream took place in a futuristic sci fi city with a epic battle of “Guilds” as it was refered to in dream.  God’s Guild and Satan’s.  The entire battle took place out of mind but multiple times Satan managed to seduce the members of God’s guild into switching sides through various means.  Some trivial giving of Gifts, others the lack of battle itself, others it was more just a feeling of “family”.  It got to a point where he tried to get me to walk over to his side.  Multiple times he did this trying every step of the way with various offers.  Each time my answer was “your the father of lies and only lies dwell within you.”  At the last time he tried the dream was done.  Didn’t think much of it.

Last night I had another dream.  This time it was underground.  I only remember the very high level themes of it because the dream happened as a blurr.  Again it was a battle of God vs. Satan, and by battle I mean hand to hand combat, same as last dream.  Only this time it was more indirect against Satan.  The whole dream revolved around using the battles themselves to draw strength and continue on, it involved alot of seeing past the battle and looking for an End goal to work toward.

Well that’s it for me from now.  those were my wierd dreams wither they wer from God or not I don’t know.

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