Night Commuters

I was reading a story off of CNN today Entitled “Old horrors, young victims”. This story is heart wrenching in many ways. The story speaks about children in Uganda and a rebel force called Lord’s Resistance Army. They kidnap children at night from villages in efforts to make them part of their army. Apparently 30,000 children have been kidnapped over the last 10 years. One of the biggest upsets of this story for me is that someone who names themself God’s own, and calls himself a “disciple” leads this army and appartenly base it off the Ten commandments, though I don’t think I’ve read the same set of Ten commandments that they have as their behavior does not line up with them. Every night the children are forced to make a long commute to the city where they can sleep in safety.

I don’t understand by what premise a man can read the Bible and then come up with such violent behaivor and self serving motives. The Bible does say that in the End days that false prophets and “anti-christs” will come in the end days. Surely this is an example of this. Over all its an extreme for something that goes on every day for Christian churches. Its rebranding God’s truth to fit our desires. It has many forms from the “harmless” to the violent. But in the end it doesn’t serve God but oursleves. Its making God in our image and its a form of idol. From the crusades to men like the “disciple”. In truth if we call ourselves God’s own then we will take the following verse to heart.

1 John 2: 6 “He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.”

Thing that strikes me about Jesus, was He loved everyone. The only ones he ever judged were the religous leaders of the day who attempted to get the people to follow the image of god that they had formed for themselves, propping themselves as leaders with their self important requirements for the people to follow after things that detracted from God’s ways.

Sometimes I wonder what Christ would say to us if he were to walk the halls of our churches. Would he say the extra requirements we read into the Word of God were Good. Would He say us focusing on ourselves and our own health and wealth was the right way to go? Would He say our judgment of people based on what we see was the right way to go? Some how I don’t think we’d like the answer to these questions. But that’s just me.

More information on the article I linked at “Invisible Children”

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