What is a bondservant?

So I was reading a friends blog today, when what he wrote got me thinking about being a bondservant. See to me my life dream and goal is really just to be a bondservant of God. That’s changed a lot over the years due to my learning and growing in my walk, but at the core its really not something I’ve deeply considered. It seems that life can overtake people very quickly. For some that means that they are overtaken by good things and some form of happiness follows. For some, a darker side of life overtakes them. Trials, struggles, fight to even survive the day out. They live day by day and check by check. And for each a form of emptyness ensues. In some ways that’s where I’ve been last few years. Just trying to make it through the day.

So what does this have to do with being a bondservant? Well it has to do with my following through on that goal and commitment that I believed so strong I put a tattoo on my skin to constantly remind me of it. I could quote scriptures and great theologians and scholars alike but it wouldn’t accurately describe being a bondservant.

Being a bondservant is walking in Jesus footsteps even when they go where you don’t want to. It isn’t being perfect or all knowing but its a committment to a path of growing, improving, and learning. Not just from man made books writen by pastors and preachers, but more over learning through the word of God and prayer. Its a dedication to rise when you fall, admit sin and stupidity and move on, not letting it hold you longer then it has. Not wallowing in regret but stepping forward and continually seeking the face of God. Its knowing and admitting your not perfect and a dedication to walking a path of repentence and submission to God through it. Its giving up your will and desires to embrace God’s. Its following God every second of every day and knowing full well that He is at your side and talking and spending time with Him even over a cup of coffe. Walking after God isn’t something done on sundays and hour long daily prayer sessions, Its communing with God as you would a friend or brother. Yeilding to the leading of the Holy Spirit and letting God teach you things by using even the annoying guy in the drive thru.

More over being a bondservant is desiring more of God to the point that 1 or 2 days a week cannot contain it. Its longing after Him as you would a lover. Its wanting more out of life and a relationship with God then what common understanding says you can.

Many in the “church” today say you can’t have that personal of a relationship with God. Many churches concentrate on relationship with God through programs and events and even through pastoral figures. But in reality God is more real then a brother and closer then your best friend and that relationship is waiting for you within your reach. The only thing that can stop you from it is you.

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  1. Dave says:

    I miss the fullness, and in fact abundance I used to feel in pursuing God. I guess it was what I used to call being spirit filled. But even labeling it seems to somehow cheapen the memory of it.

  2. Bondservant says:

    It does seem to cheapen it. Its the feeling of being right with God, knowing you commune with Him and have a relationship. Knowing that he is closer then a brother. Its the feeling of knowing whatever happens, he’s gonna be there with you right by your side and help you through it and take care of you. Not fearing tomorrow, or today. I’m still trying to get back to that, knowing every day is an adventure with Him. Funny how much tradition and religion get in the way of it.

  3. THOMAS says:


  4. blaydenz says:

    Well I have been contemplating the invitation of Jesus which He gives in Matthew 11…When He invites the weary and heavy laden to find rest.

    I was meditating on the fact that He offers us His yoke. WOW!!! Talk about a bond. And He gives us the opportunity to just learn of Him. I saw myself saying “YES” I will TAKE YOUR YOKE” and I will learn…I saw this unending fellowship begin to transpire in my mind’s eye. A hope of communion with God that I had not experienced for quite some time and probably not to this measure.

    I have a race that has been marked out by the Hand of God and I want to run it EYE’s Fixed on Jesus…..Perfecting and Finishing my faith.

    He is so Perfect and Beautiful…I say YES I will be bond to You Jesus

  5. Murray says:

    Great post. Nice comment blaydenz. His burden is light. I look at Paul and see the struggles he was faced with. Jail. Legalists. Physical. And much more, Yet he still took on his identity as one of “in Christ” – a bondservant. Free to go at anytime, but instead choosing the yoke of rest that is only found in Jesus. What a beautiful picture of grace that Jesus paints in matt 11… Your efforts and performance only amount to heavy labour. Take on my ability in everything you do and I will give you rest. Resulting in true freedom to serve.

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