Out sourced Overseas

Well been awhile since I’ve posted. Its been a ruff month. Found out my job is being outsourced overseas, something my company calls best shored. Problem is there isn’t really any position for them to move my group into. One of the other groups here just got moved overseas too, they have been offering a severence package and leaving the company, hopefully if nothing else I can get the same deal.

No date yet as to when, could be next month or latter in the year. My team mates have been finding other jobs through their contacts and leaving before hand, as of yet I haven’t found anything.

Sometimes it can be tuff when going through stuff, your not sure when or how to keep pushing on and all you know is that the future is unkonwn. Sometimes these are the darkest hours sometimes there the hopeful eve before a blessing. Hopefully, its the latter for me. Family tends not to believe me when I tell them, don’t understand that but hey. Hopefully their still praying at least.

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