Well got to love life sometimes. Things considered I’m starting to get projects pilled up for things I need to do. Sometimes there is just not enough time, sometimes I’m just a slacker. I think more that I’m just a slacker. I was reminded today that sometimes with God and our walks we can get that way too.

I know that its easy to get caught up in life. Its easy to over look the little things that God speaks to us, shows us, or leads us to do. And sometimes we get so caught up in that routine that we fight getting out of it. I know that I have been having problems keep myself on track with my walk. I need to work better, harder at it. Stop being a slacker. There is comfort in routine, but there isn’t always abundant life in the routine. Sometimes we miss out. More often then not we miss out in helping others.

When I was 19 I worked in a retail store. A gentleman came in at the end of my 8 hour shift and I was tired. He was obviously drunk and you could smell him from accross the room. He was trying to sell us all a half used phone card for twenty dollars. I being the nice guy I am told him no. In my mind he obviously was looking for another drink and had hit bottom. I was let go soon after. On the way home I was proud that I didn’t give in and let the guy buy another drink. Then the conviction set in. I had to pull over it was so bad. I wept and kicked myself for 20 mins. God was speaking to my heart. Speaking that he’s been working on that man for awhile, working to get him to a spot where he’d listen to God’s love, that he’d accept. He had obviously hit bottom, and God entrusted that encounter to me. But in my routine I turned him away. I missed the opportunity for comforting this man, and showing him the answer he was looking for. I failed God and that man.

Sometimes God entrusts us with precious encounters that will interupt our routine. But they can change lives, ours others. We need to open ourselves to them and stand up to the test.

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