Future possibilities…

My wife and I have been talking a lot lately. I’ve always had a desire to go on missions. I’m not sure if that’s something God wants us to do or not, only time and prayer will decide that. But Its always been on my heart. My original field of study for ministry was missions and its always had a soft spot to me. A lot of aspects of it really appeal to me. And a desire to tell people about Christ. The renewed focuse and mindset outside of the day to day 9 to 5 workday it is so easy to get caught up with.

Which leads me to thinking about how God works. Its easy to say now “Oh I’ll never do…” something but in the end we don’t really know what God has planned. Its hard to see past the hear and now, and sometimes we just got to set outside ourselves and let God direct as He wills.

I don’t like to drive with other people. I much prefer to drive myself. Its unsettling not knowing what is gonna happen in the next little bit. Even a good driver can make a ride not so smooth that will make you sick along the way. Kinda of same with God, Accept his ride is the right ride every time. he’ll get us there and in the way he wants. But the drive takes a lot longer if we keep taking the wheel from him along the way, and in the end, we may arrive at the destination but its not so smoothe. We sometimes have to realize that Its us that are the bad drivers of our spiritual walks not God.

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