Fedora Core 3 and me

So today I Reinstalled llinux on my new pc. I’ve been potting it off because I normally use Mandrake and for me its a distro with a ton of issues that typically takes a long time to install. It took me under 30 mins to install Fedora off a DVD with a full suite of software. Now let me say that I wasn’t ever a Redhat fan, or Fedora fan in the past. I tried out Fedora Core 1 out and hated it. But this distribution is great. Yum is a great system that is there for installing commonly used programs and program dependencies and I have to say it is great.

I must say overall linux has come a long way. It certainly can give windows a run for their money and is a potential huge budget saver at small business and churches. The powerful low cost (mostly free) powerful software suites availble is just amazing. I’ll be writing some more articles on my website soon on this exact topic.

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