Wisdom in listening

So I was having a conversation with someone today when I came to a realization. We were speaking on a topic regarding an issue in our workplace. I was making a point supported my position when my coworker interrupted me to tell me my point was wrong. The thing is I didn\’t get the point even a quarter out of my mouth when he assumed what it was and interrupted. I first waited for him to finish and when he did I tried to make the point again. He again interrupted. I attempted to finish my sentence without no use. It got to a point where I asked him why he kept interrupting me. He responded with because your point is incorrect. But It wasn\’t and he didn\’t listen to enough to say that.

The short in sweet of it is as people our tendency is to assume. Listening is a rare art. How many times have we stopped listening to people when we think we know what they are gonna say. How many time have we done this in our walks with God. We think we understand something and thus stop searching.

Proverbs likes the search for wisdom and understanding as the search for gold and silver. We should really seek that in our relationships with others. There is wisdom in silence and listening.

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