Enter Christmas Season

*EnterChristmas Stage Left*

Now we enter into the Christmas rush, where people forget how to drive and kindness is a virtue that holds one back from the best deals. It is my least favorite holiday. I would venture to say the best thing about Christmas is the time I get off from work to be with my family. Why would you ask? Call me a scrooge you may but I have good reasons. First of all the whole Christmas Tree concept doesn’t really appeal to me. What a pain. Realistically its a huge stretch to consider it “Christian”. But I know, we will call it “cultural” and say its part of our society. Its the “season for giving” but instead of helping others out or giving gifts to those in true need we give luxuries to ourselves and our own. We run each other over in stores to get the better deal. More cuss words come from our mouths then praises or blessings. But its just frustration, we really have a heart of love. But Mathew 12:34 tells us out of an overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. What comes from our lips reflects whats in our hearts.

This is the same reason why James says the tounge is the turning point of the body. We go into debt to by gifts for those who do the same for us. And then there is the family get togethers. I don’t know about anyone elses family but at mine, I get to sit in a corner and watch the paint dry at mine. Not quite the type to fit in the others in my family. I’m sure my new tattoo will be a hit *cringe*.

All things aside, scrooge or not there are things that hod true. Jesus is not the reason for the season. Spending is. Its all about the money. If Christmas reflected the ideal reasons it was first apparently concepted to be I might enjoy it more. But Its a season filled with people thinking mostly about themselves and what’s best for them and only them. Do unto others before they do unto you after all.

Damn rat race.

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