Live a life of love

I find lately an influx of legalism creaping in around me and I feel its rather uncomfortable. It seems a lot more lately those that I’m near, in the christian Realm, tend to judge me by their understaind of what I do. I play a video game so I’m a sinner. Or perhaps I don’t attend the same church as them, so I’m gonna burn in hell. And somehow this all is supposed to be encouraging to get me “on the right path.” As though I’d ever left the path God set for me.

I don’t understand as american Christians why we get so caught up with putting someone down that we can’t show love rather then the judgemental crap we dish out. Jesus met up with a lot of different types of sinners, from the small to Great there was always a respect and love that He gave them. Its when he confronted the hypocrits, those who stated they were God’s choosen but were little more then talk, that he became angry and used terms like serpants and vipers. When he confronted the Religous frozen choosen. So why is it that we do not follow that same principal. If I am sick and go to a doctor, and he degrades me and acts in such a way that it boils my anger, am I going to listen to any of the words from his mouth? No. I’ll disregard it no matter how right he may be.

You have to live a life of love, before you can preach a message of love.

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