Right to judge?

I wonder why it is that christians, at least in the US, fight so feverishly to be able to judge those outside the church. Heaven forbid they loose there right to tell someone they are going to hell. Don’t get me wrong here, I beleive fully in making people aware of sin and its consequences and in telling them the salvation from those consequences available through Christ Jesus our Lord. But it does not amaze me that so many Christians demand the right (as if they had any real rights for this) to tell people they are gonna burn. As if that will trun others to God in and of itself. And in so doing they can and will have the right to treat those outside the body with anger and hostility. Like inbread idiots they press on with veins poping from their forhead and misquoted scripture on their lips.

One of the basic justifications they use is Jesus language and actions toward the pharisees and saducess in Jesus day. Yes, he called them snakes and vipers and their were all maner of colorfull exchanges between them. But the thing to remember is those people were inside the church of that age sort to speak. They were leaders in religion of the temple and in their society. So if Christ attacked them, as He often did, he was attacking hypocrits and wolves in sheep clothing. Those who sought to call themselves God’s choosen and elite and not seek to trully follow him. The true test of Christs character came with his interaction with the tax collectors, prositutes and the like. While he never condoned their sin, and he made them aware of it, he still loved them in a way that could only come from God himself.

Some christians tend to judge, name call and push people to hell ourselves more then we actually benefit from it. Quoting scriptures in support of our position without even having a grasp on the basic of what those scriptures really means. Seeking to hold fast to traditionalism and legality that binds, they attack all that compromise those same things.

Its a shame really. It is this that turns so many from christ. It is amazing to me why someone would think why calling a woman a slut and prostitute while they enter a planned parenthood would save them. There is a big difference between loving someone and showing them what sin is and what the cure to it is; and telling them with anger to burn in hell. It is no question why the Christian church has got such a crap reptuation.

“I love you God but save me from your people.”
“I have no problems with God, its His fan club that bothers me”

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