Why be a Bondservant?

I’ve had many people ask me over the years why I’ve got such a focus being a bondservant. They are confused by the concept, not seeing it as a real thing. I can only offer explanation from my own heart. I grew up in a small church in Michigan. It was a decent church and fairly typical as far as small American churches go. Every Sunday I would see the typical Sunday best, elders deacons making their rounds but they didn’t seem to really want to be there. Christianity was a set of rules to follow and beliefs to recite. Then there was this gentle old man named Fred. Had a pocket full of bubble gum and hugs always ready to give out. When someone was in need in the church, there Fred was stepping in to help anonymously, we all had a good idea it was him. He loved life and people and kids. Always treated us well when others were yelling at us to not run, not play, not slouch in the pew. Fred had only love. Love, such a powerful thing. People like this have always fascinated me. Then one day someone told me the Story of Abraham’s bondservant. How a man would willingly give up his freedom to do the will of another, it confused me. This started my long walk down the road of bondservant study, which has been a passion of mine since I was young.


See in today’s church, in ministry, many want to be that man standing in front of a crowd of people preaching and dictating beliefs that people should follow. Many want miracles and signs and wonders. When I was younger and dreamed of ministry I wanted all that. I want to be a powerful man of God, effecting peoples lives in droves. As I grew older and studied Gods word more, I came to a startling realization, God is love. To ask others what God’s defining characteristic you may hear things like power, justice, mercy, Majesty, or glory. To be truthful, God is love. Bible says it, I believe it. It’s love that drove Him to send His son to us. It’s love that kept Jesus on the cross, not the nails. It’s love that powered Him to go through all that and rise from the dead that our sins may be forgiven. So powerful.


I’ve been through so many things in my life. Trials, beatings, in need in every way, and content in all things. I’ve been through more then I could care to type here or anywhere. And with this disease that has stricken me so I ask myself who am I, what good have I done? It’s hard to be in this place, disregarded by those I had called my brothers, forgotten by my church in part because of the disease. But I wouldn’t give it up. What I’ve been through has taught me something so great, given me a perspective so rich that all the gold in the world wouldn’t pry the lessons I’ve learned from my hands. That lesson is the power of love. Now in these days I don’t strive to feel the power of God, to preach to the masses or heal the sick. I strive to be the gentle soul with a pocket full of Bubble gum, a smile, hug, and heart full of love.

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  1. josh says:

    A fantasic point, “many want to be that man standing in front of a crowd of people preaching and dictating beliefs that people should follow.” many infact want to be in the lime light, the show of talents, and the reputation. Which brings a question, are we no different than the pharisees? jesus states our righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the pharisee.
    pharisees sought after respect and loved the likes of man instead of God.
    I mean not bash the ministry, but to pose a question of the conidtion of our hearts. being in the ministry must be birthed from bond-servanthood (love, humility and relationship with God) which is why i love this site.
    I am a young man who is propheyed to preach, and just like you i studied the word and found to preach is only a small sliver of the ministry jesus called me to. and that is to walk in love. what am i doing right now for the love of souls? see people often times wait to there in position or even “called” to become “effective” but in reality starts when your a young david searching Gods hearts in lonely fields tending the sheep , when all the other brothers of jessi are working in the lime light.
    notice as well God doesnt need me, my talents , i have nothing new or revolutionary to bring to the table. God can raise a person off the streets with more talent than aa hundred preachers. we need to be living sacifices which is the least we can do. didnt paul say i bring you nothing except jesus cruisfied and raised from the dead? I probly butchered that one haha. love the site and the threads!

  2. Nata;ee says:

    Wonderful comments on bondservant
    All I know is I can’t do it without His everyday help…..and while I want to make the commitment and will make the commitment…..God help me to be able to continure in it months, and years from now. But love is the only way to grow.

  3. Mariek says:

    This morning i received the word bondservant. I know what it means but with looking up i came across your article. Can only say you are so right. Its all about love and that is sadly missing in church.can identify with you about being sick and often by my self. In the midst of it i am very much used in prayer. Jesus its all about Him and walking in His love. We can give it out here and there.
    Anyway just my little ways. Bless you.

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