Ministry dream returns

Its been a long time since I’ve considered being in ministry a life goal. It has been on the back burner for a long time. Various reasons but mostly God wanted it there. But God has really been putting the burden and desire for it on my heart lately. I know he called me to it, have known for a long time. But I had to learn some things that I need to learn.

Its just funny really. I’ve not even considered it for so long. But I see a need, God’s laid in me a burden and the more I pray about the bigger the burden. Its no secret I don’t see eye to eye with the traditional church now days. The heath and wealth teaching is one of the worst things to happen to the church. The belief that the closer you get to God the less trials and struggles you’ll have when in reality it is the opposite. I only give Paul and the apostles’ lives as examples but in short God uses trails and struggles to teach us and mold us in His image. But this teaching turns so many away from the church.

Aside from that there is the traditional structure of a church that does little more but place the focus for one’s walk on a pastor rather then on the individual. In many church the pastor controls the direction for the members walks in the church. When in reality its God and the Holy Spirit that should be. But the biggest fault of the church model today is the complete lack of community. Real community. People attend and share little of there lives with those around them. They don’t see them, they are not like family, or very rarely are. Its a shame. I read the church in the first chapters of Acts and I am moved to tears at the thought of being in a church like that, one that meets daily, encourging daily and your neighbor’s concerns were yours as well.. I hope to be in a church like that someday. I hope to lead a church like that someday.

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