The Proverbs of You!

I have for some time been writing a project I like to call The Proverbs of Tim.  You see I’m a huge fan of Proverbs.  To say huge might be an understatement.  There are 31 chapters in Proverbs.  There are up to 31 days in a month.  Coincidence…I think not!  But I should get back on target.   You see every day God can teach us little things through life experiences.  Things we may not even know we are being taught.  I originally started this as an exercise in trying to meditate on what God has taught me that day.  It evolved into something that I hold dear.  A way for me to share little nuggets of wisdom  to my family that God has taught me, but more over a way for me to go back and revisit those lessons in a way that helps to build my walk with Christ.

Now sometimes these mini-proverbs are just writing a scripture, in my own words, that’s touched my heart.  I go over what the scripture has taught me.  Sometimes they are things God has laid on my heart through out the day.

I would definitely suggest this to anyone as a practice for trying to grab hold of those things God teaches us.  It also is a way to grow your faith, learn to apply scripture in a new way.  This could be something you hand your children some day and say “This some of what God’s taught me about being a man.” Quirky, maybe but very helpful to walking with God even for just personal use.

Here’s a few examples from me :

Wisdom locked away for another day is not wisdom.  Wisdom unshared is unheeded.  Wisdom forsaken is death.

Our flesh desires corruption and death; it is overcome by prayer and God’s word.

To forget the blessings of life is to seek despair and emotional death.  Never forget the things God gives you for those things can be taken away.

Complaining is focusing on the bad and forsaking the blessings.  To complain is to receive despair into your heart.  Remember instead every little gift, for with this path lays life and joy.

Trials can be a doorway to despair, but they can also be a gateway to wisdom and life.  Seek therefore that which you truly want.

Wisdom is freely given by God to those with faith, yet men seek stupidity and self elevating knowledge more freely.

To follow God is to follow Love.  To walk in God’s ways is to be a river of love, joy, and peace.  To walk in God’s way is to be a cold drink for others in a barren desert.

God is love, and love always exists on His paths.

Forsaking a gift of love is to forsake the gift of life.

As you can see there is no real structure to the way I do it.  I have a document on my pc that I just open and add too.  A new paragraph a new tid bit.  You can get what I mean by my example.  Yours doesn’t have to be eloquent or even that deep.  But make it from the heart.  It’s a great way to focus on what God has shown you through out the day.  And it has the possibility of being a blessing to someone else, maybe even helping them from learning a painful blessing.


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5 Responses to The Proverbs of You!

  1. Roy says:

    Who has gone up to heaven and come down?

    Who has gathered up the wind in the hollow of his hands?

    Who has wrapped up the waters in his cloak?

    Who has established all the ends of the earth?

    What is his name, and the name of his son?

    Tell me if you know!

  2. thokozani phiri says:

    nice! will do that too…

  3. Charles says:

    Ohhh….how l am indebted to the love of my Holy God…
    Who loves even me….the chiefest of sinners…in this world of death.
    What words may l utter to Him…in gratitude…what more can l say…
    except… thankyou…dear most precious lover of my soul…thankyou!

  4. josh says:

    “My spirit crys out”

    Has your vision gone dim?
    Which way do you press?
    what is it that you lust after?

    It shall be turned to shame.
    It will rot in your bones.
    purge your wicked motives, nothing is hidden from the LORD that he will make known.

    What is your word with no action?
    is your heart dull to the fire He bequested in you?
    Have you soon forgotten?

    Let us consider our savior who brought us out of our egypt,
    Lay hold of the promise.
    For we are the adopted, hand picked, the elect, therefore do not soon forget the ramification of the resurrection.

  5. Bondservant says:

    I love these please feel free to post more they are enjoyable to read.

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