The past, and the walk ahead

I turn 30 next month and every day I get closer to that, is a day where I examine my life till this point. No its not a crisis. I don’t mind turning 30, its just hard to believe I am 30. I don’t feel 30, I feel 18, I feel like I just graduated high school. I feel strange that way. Its funny when your concerns turn from finding a job you like to finding a job that gives you good healthcare. Where you have to start putting money into a 401k to provide for the future.

Hindsight is always 20/20 vision and it becomes easy to pick at the decisions you made in the past. Its a trap, you get thinking about what you did and who you were and you consider “if only I knew then.” Somethings we’ve done in the past still hold us in remorse for things we have done. It is in those things we must be careful to keep ourselves on track with where we are heading today. Diversionary tactics in combat have always been a key move in setting an enemy off kilter. Setting there defenses against a perceived target while the enemey slips in the back. Sometimes remorse over our past is just that, a diversion. A foothold to set our minds off the task at hand and onto the tasks gone by. To concentrate on our failures and stay in a continued state of remose over something you’ve repented of, and forgiven of is not wise. It pulls your defenses away and takes your focus off of following the path God set before you for today. So if the past bites back, set it to rest in God’s hands, and look to the path ahead. Always be wary of something that turns your focus from God and his will.

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