God’s been working alot on submission in me lately, He has been teaching me a lot about what it trully means in various areas of my life. One of the biggest being in just every day things. Submitting my thought life, my goals dreams and other things to Him. I could very well be the worst in the area of personal goals and dreams. I am awful at coming up with things. There are times where I just cannot think off things I want or desire, or seek to move toward. But this is the biggest area that God has been asking for. Coming to term with the fact that God has a plan for my life, wither I like it, or not, wither I want it or not, and wither I feel qualified or not for it doesn’t come into play. Its all about him.

I’ve spent more time trying to find out what God wants me to do with my life that I neglected to see the fact that God already knows. Hard to imagine I know. Lately I’ve had a lot of success in this. Just putting myself before God as a blank slate, saying God here am I use me as you will. Not coming with prequalifiers of “here I am, but I want to do this.” Its amazing the level of frustration that cuts out from me.

James 4: 7 is rather powerful scripture for this :

Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

That’s really amazing. The true power of that scripture isn’t the resist the devil, in that you could resist him all day and he wouldn’t care, but would keep trying, he doesn’t really care about you or your authority, he Cares about God’s. Submitting To God taps the powersource, it turns on the light lets in the flood. Darkness comes. The thing about submission is that its really all or nothing. Either you are or your not. No room for middle ground. So you have to Go to God with your whole heart submitting to Him and when you do its amazing how ti turns around.

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