*Updated* Gmail Hacked

So one of my email accounts was hacked.  I have primarily used gmail for some time now.  Now that my email was hacked and all information appears to have been changed I cannot get it back.  They changed the recovery options.  Even though I’ve entered all the information required on Google’s account recovery page it has stated that they cannot verify me, even though I’m sending it from the only ip address I’ve used in last few years.

I find this most annoying.  The only option is to change other website accounts tied to this and hope that those don’t get hacked too, at least one was.  What is more frustrating is the only option available is an automated process that seems to reject more then it fixes.  With no phone or email support there is no other way of resolving this.  How is a support company so large and with so many products design something so poor as this process?


After a month I was able to get my Gmail back.  It was hacked from somewhere in China, still don’t know how, I have checked my pc numerous times for key loggers, viruses, and the like and found nothing.  I had used some incorrect information to try and get my account back and it locked the ability to try again out for a week or so.  After digging around I found the right info and got it back.  Thankfully.

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