The Usefullness of an Iphone

So anyone who knows me, knows I’m a geek.  And as many geeks I love gadgets.  One of my favorite gadgets over the years have been PDA’s.  I remember my first pda’s was a large folding keyboard with small screen.  It was a bit long but still small enough to carry everywhere.  I loved it.  The full keyboard allowed me to write anywhere.  Something I’ve often used my pda’s for.  It ran Windows CE, and had a  mobile office sweet.  now Over the years I’ve had a number of pda’s.  From Linux to Early Win CE devices.  I’ve had a lot.  Just before I started getting real sick my cell phone/pda/home phone died.  I don’t have a land line because of money issues.  It just was too expensive to justify the cost per month with long distance plans when I could get the a decent plan in form of a cell plan.  I’ve not looked back since.

My previous phone was a Verizon 6700.  A Windows Mobile pda that I had upgraded the rom to Windows Mobile 6.  It had an expansion slot with a 2 gig SD card in it.  It was an ok pda, but even new it had crashed a lot.  The pda was starting to have problems and i had to replace it when it stopped charging and the screen died.  Our cell phone plan was horrible and our Verizon service had left us with a single bar in only one area of our apartment for the longest time.  We had thought about switching companies being unhappy with Verizon service and support for a long time.  We made the dive into AT&T when I was just beginning to loose my mobility.  The cost is the same per month that we had been paying with Verizon, better service and we had 2 Iphone 3g’s that we purchased with it.  It was an expensive risk but after having had the Iphones for some time it was worth it.  In fact latter we changed our plan to a cheaper plan and pay less per month then we did for Verizon, with better service, and I cannot speak enough good words about the customer support we’ve had over the time.  We’ve had a few problems here and their, my wife’s Iphone was replaced once but they overnight us a replacement at little cost to us.

In the journey of my sickness my Iphone has come in very useful to me.  It’s a comfort to have it.  It helps me track my diet, sleep patterns, provides entertainment that goes with me, ability to look up facts and information on the go, gives me a means of recalling information I’ve tracked for my doctors, and much more.  There really is an app for about anything you want.

One of my favorite things about a pda has been the ability to bring my Bible with me where ever I go.  It allows me to do a small study at a moments notice.  If I cannot sleep then I can reach over for my Iphone and starting reading God’s word and make a productive time of my sleeplessness.  Let’s take a look at some of my Favorite Programs.

Strong’s KJV

A Pretty simple Bible Program I love it for one great reason, The ability to view the Strong’ s definition of words. It costs 99 cents.  Not a bad price and is the best app with Strong’s look up that I’ve seen.

Strong's KJV

You see here the word “heed” looked up from Matthew 6:1.  Overall a great program for looking up words.

Strong's KJV Word Lookup For just sitting down and Looking a few words up I have another program I love.

Bible (LifeChurch.TV)

This is a tie in of the website  It has many different versions of the Bible you can read, including in a few languages.  I love this version just for the ability to switch between apps.  It has the ability to download versions for offline viewing, and it is free.


This concludes my first installment of Iphone posts.  As I find them I hope to pass on other programs, podcasts, and other things that may help you in your walk with God.

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