Remembering a time…

I have been remembering, even rediscovering the truth of what it really means to walk with God. I remember when I first came to Christ, the new sense of adventure that came with every breath. I remember ever new verse was a step toward God, every opportunity to show love of God to someone brought such a presence of God. I remember nights on the top of parking grages downtown. Spent praying over a city and giving myself to God asking Him to use me and help me reach people for him.

I see my walk now and what I’ve came through for the last few years and I am convinced that the church in America has missed the mark. Truth be told I hate the term and title Christian. Its so restrictive and brings bad images of things in the past. I prefer to say I am a memberof the way.

Why do I think we’ve missed the mark? Because love isn’t the focus. Its turned into healing sevices and Get rich through stewardships scams that plauge the church. Does God, heal? Yes, does he give wealth to some? Sure. But if that’s ever your focus then you’ve missed right there.

Love dictated that God reach down from heaven and come to where we are to save us. Our churchs dictate now that mostly people come to the church and get saved, or come to a healing service to get saved. Ministry takes place many times only within limited bounds. Love is lost. And many people every day over look the every day needs of the person even sitting next to them in a pew. What ever happened to If your neighbor is in need, and you have extra giving it to them. Instead people by fancy cars and big homes so that they can feel better about their state in life.

Its about love. I want to feel that sense of urgency again as I look over the city in which I live. I want to feel like every breath is new and a gift of God. I want to rediscover obediance to the leading of the Spirit until everystep becomes and adventure. I want to know the true power of God and weild it skillfully in my relationship with others and the building of relationships, and what is that true power of God, love. For through and by Love God came to earth, for he so loved the world. Its the true power of our salvation. The love of God. So many have lost that, I want it back.

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