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I have done nothing to earn my salvation. There is nothing I could have done to earn it. I am not worthy of what Christ Jesus my Lord has done for me. And the truth is I will never be … Continue reading

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Truth and Transpanency of How I Feel at Times.

It’s getting harder to distract myself from the pain.  The worries mount like silent avengers seeking to pay me back for all the past wrongs I perceive I’ve done.  I invent ways to punish myself because the perceived guilt I … Continue reading

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Why does God allow bad things to happen?

I’m just going to talk for a bit.  I’ve been thinking of this a lot recently, not sure why.  This is a question that has been asked through the ages.  If God is so great why allow pain, suffering, death, … Continue reading

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Remember the Hope of our Salvation

First I just want to say sorry I don’t post more frequently, it is sometimes hard to get too.  But today I just want to encourage everyone too remeber the Lord from where our salvation comes.  Over and over in … Continue reading

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Why be a Bondservant?

I’ve had many people ask me over the years why I’ve got such a focus being a bondservant. They are confused by the concept, not seeing it as a real thing. I can only offer explanation from my own heart. … Continue reading

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